Glam Baby Bumps: Brad And Angelina Talk About Their Sex Life

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brad And Angelina Talk About Their Sex Life

Last week Brad Pitt sent tongues wagging when he told Parade that the secret stone grotto behind the waterfall in his pool is "a great place for sex." Now, Angelina Jolie says that's not their only secret hideaway.

"Yeah, well, we got a few special places," she told Extra on the red carpet at Pitt's Inglourious Basterds premiere Monday in Hollywood. "You keep it going."

Added Pitt, "It's not true. We have far more comfortable places to go. There is a grotto there. It's an old Hollywood property... just a few minutes that way... and rumor is Jimi Hendrix spent some time there. That's the story. I run with it."

He also said he and Jolie "rarely, rarely" fight. "We both have been around long enough and have been in enough relationships to know what we want out of it to know when we're wasting time," he said.

Jolie said she was thrilled that Pitt told Parade she was his "soulmate."Said the actress (and mother of six), "That is very cool. Well, he's mine. It is what it is."
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