Glam Baby Bumps: Kate Gosselin Brings Her Bodyguard To The Bus Stop

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kate Gosselin Brings Her Bodyguard To The Bus Stop

A day after sending their 9-year-old twins to third grade, Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited again Friday morning to send their sextuplets off to junior kindergarten.

Arriving separately, they walked to the bus together. Kate ran a few steps ahead to snap some photos with her cell phone. She then lined up 5-year-olds Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, Aaden and Collin in front of the bus to take some more pictures.

"Sorry, you guys have to go," Kate told photographers, ushering them out of the way so she could take better shots with her phone. "Smile!" she urged her kids. She and Jon then huddled together with the kids and kissed them as they boarded the bus.

Kate's bodyguard Steve Neild was on hand, watching her as she said farewell to her kids (who will attend school three days a week).

Kate then hopped on the bus to say bye one final time. While Kate was on the bus, Jon playfully tapped his fingers on the bus windows. After, he stood with photographers. He and Neild ignored each other.

After the bus pulled away, Jon and Kate (sans Neild) walked separately to their vehicles. Before she got in her car, Kate tapped on Jon's window. As he unrolled it, she yelled, "See ya, you're goin'?" Jon said something inaudible in reply, and Kate responded, "But then you're gone?"

The two then drove off.
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