Glam Baby Bumps: Molly Ringwald Talks About Being Pregnant With Twins

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Molly Ringwald Talks About Being Pregnant With Twins

Molly Ringwald may be the most nostalgia-inducing star for a generation of movie-goers, but she is not one to get sentimental about things like, say, pregnancy. When asked if she loves expecting twins, she tells Fit Pregnancy with a laugh, "No. I don't hate it, though. There is something wonderful about it."

Ringwald, who announced her pregnancy in December, says that the limitations of carrying twins takes getting used to. "I find it difficult to be restricted in my movements and to feel vulnerable all the time," she says. "I am used to feeling very strong and active." But she's still thrilled about her growing family. "It's exciting, especially since it's a boy and girl," she says about the twins who are due in August. "

Also, since there is such a big age difference with my daughter (Mathilda, 5), it's nice that they will have each other. I won't have to scramble for playdates."

Ringwald, 41, stopped weightlifting during her pregnancy, but has remained active, instead using yoga and walking to stay in shape. "The priority for me has been resting," she says. "I know my body will come back.
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