Glam Baby Bumps: Jerry O'Connell Is On Mr. Mom Duty

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jerry O'Connell Is On Mr. Mom Duty

While Rebecca Romijn plays witch by day – she is currently promoting her new fall series, Eastwick – and mother by night, her husband Jerry O'Connell has happily stepped up to the plate in his own new role: Mr. Mom.

With the couple welcoming their fraternal twin daughters Charlie and Dolly seven months ago, and the actress filming the pilot shortly after their birth, the girls were brought along for the ride. "They were with me every second of the day," said Romijn. "I was still nursing and I was on a real strict schedule with them."

Now prepared to begin regular filming on her series, Romijn says that O'Connell has taken a hiatus from his own career to take care of the girls. "Now that we’ve gone back to work, Jerry has taken off" the last three weeks, she says. "So he can be the parent [on] diaper duty!"

For O'Connell, the past few days of quality time with his daughters have not been well spent – given that the girls are in full teething mode. "They're both in pain," says their mother. "Their teeth are about to cut through." As the twins work on their latest milestone, Rommijn, 36, can't help but laugh when prompted about old family teething remedies. "Whiskey and brown sugar, right? Just like grandma used to do."
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