Glam Baby Bumps: Daniel Baldwin & Wife Joanne Are Expecting A Girl!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Daniel Baldwin & Wife Joanne Are Expecting A Girl!

Daniel Baldwin showed up to the premiere of Grey Gardens with wife Joanne Smith-Baldwin — and she was sporting quite the baby bump!

“Joanne’s five months along. We’re due August 12th and it’s a girl!” Daniel said. “We won’t commit to a name yet. Well, she won’t. I will. But I’m not allowed to say yet!”

Although this will be his fifth child, Daniel says the process is just as exciting as it was with the first.

“As long as there’s ten fingers and ten toes and everything works right…Honestly, that, really, at the end of the day is the most important,” he explains. “And the adventure: watching them grow — what are they going to be like, why is one of them blonde and blue-eyed, why does one of them have dark hair, why is one really outgoing and one’s really quiet — just watching the whole thing happen.”

Daniel, 48, is also dad to Kahlea, 25, with Cheryl Baldwin, Alexandra, 18, with Elizabeth Baldwin, Atticus, 12, with Isabella Hofmann, and Avis Ann, 15 months, with Joanne.
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